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3 Key Things My Wife Taught Me About Pinterest

I didn’t go to a fancy college. Come to think of it, my wife didn’t either – she went to state school. I didn’t have the money coming out of high school to afford it, so I went into construction and trucking right away, working my way up the ladder.

One of the things that has always been a main attraction to each other in our relationship is that we both work very hard. My work was much more labor-intensive, and my wife’s was more brain-powered, long hours type of work.

But our work methods have changed over the last year. We’ve both gotten smarter about how we work and what we’re willing to devote our time to. And, we’re not fans of social media, even though a lot of “experts” say you need to use social media to get business.

Which we found to be completely untrue.

You don’t actually need to be social online to be successful, and my wife’s marketing methods using Pinterest and how she kicks major ass on Pinterest with sales is living proof of that statement.

Not only does my wife teach our kids at home with their homeschooling, but she educates others about marketing, writing, publishing, and Pinterest, the 2nd largest and powerful search engine. You could say that with reaching over 14+ million monthly viewers on Pinterest this year she knows a thing or two about Pinterest.

And this year, upon reaching that level, she got my attention completely. Like, she proved this was totally legit – this was THE way to get traffic to a website, how to get sales, how she’s grown her massive email list of over 90k, and how she puts food on the table and pays all our bills with her strategies.

The proof is in the numbers, man. And she kicks ass at Pinterest. Like, Pinterest is her bitch.

Not only has she grown her own account, but she’s built 3 more well on their way to over a million viewers and helped me with the Mancave Mayhem account (which at date of publication is at over 232k monthly viewers).

Here are three things my wife taught me about Pinterest that are key:

Pinning Frequency

1. Pinning frequency does matter. It matters actually more than most people who talk about pinning frequency actually know. (You should see her eyes roll at some of the blog posts out there – some people seriously have not done any testing of their own and are just regurgitating what they hear). Kerrie knows this shit, so listen up.

Manual v. Scheduled Pinning

2. Manual pinning and scheduled pinning have their own upsides and downfalls. She explains this more in her course, and does a really good job of helping everyone understand why each method is important and yet has drawbacks to the other. But each are equally effective. I’m trusting her judgment because hey, she’s the one with the huge account.

Acting on the Analytics

3. Acting on the analytics you see on your Pinterest account is much more important than any other piece of advice you will ever receive about Pinterest. Again, she goes into detail in her course about Pinterest, but just know that there’s a lot of people that look at analytics and don’t know what step to take next. She reveals to her course takers what she does in each situation. Inaction is the enemy, she’s told me. So we check our analytics daily to see how things are going and it helps us make decisions on what we write about, produce, design, etc.

Those are the key things she’s taught me, but as you know, that’s just the icing on top of the cake. She knows the cake better than I do, and I’m still learning. But hopefully knowing the three key things above might give you a glimpse into what our family businesses focus on when it comes to marketing and how we spend our time.

If you want Kerrie to teach you about free marketing on Pinterest (she built her account without paying for ads), be sure to check out her course. She’s put a lot of effort into it to explain things in detail and walk people through her account so they see the backend of what a HUGE Pinterest accounts looks like. And she’s very transparent with her numbers, even her struggles and challenges. You can check out her course here.