A Home Improvement Planner Every Homeowner Needs

Admit it…

you-re-grabbing-for-paper-and-pencils-to-do-measurements-and-have-a-mental-list-a-mile-long-of-things-you-want-to-improve-on-your-house”>you’re grabbing for paper and pencils to do measurements, and have a mental list a mile long of things you want to improve on your house. You need a DIY home improvement planner!

And then you lose where you put that darn sheet of scratch paper.

We feel ya. Been there. Done that. We knew we, too, had to get organized, and that’s why we (Joe and Kerrie) developed this planner book to help us out.

We kept losing our measurements, our quotes, were trying to consolidate estimates with material costs, who was offering what service at what price, where to get X-part and blah blah blah.

Yeah. Insanity. Organization was required! And this planner (developed and designed by a contractor, formatted by a graphic designer) was our perfect fit.

The Home Improvement Project Planner is the perfect solution for keeping all your ideas, measurements, dimensions, planned or budgeted costs, vendors, and images organized in one place.

This amazing project planner allows for 40 projects so you can plan them all and add to the planner as you plan and dream. put together a mood board, paste in your pictures, draw sketches, use the graph paper for exact dimensions and fit.

Includes bullet journal dotted and graph paper for each project to jot down notes and finer points. record your vendors needed, contractors, collect your quotes, budget, total costs vs. actual, start and end dates, and materials list.

No more notes scattered here and there or looking for a piece of paper to take down measurements. with this planner, you’ll be organized, and ready to make choices on which projects you can ideally do at the moment with your available budget.

Can be used for other projects too – like interior design, crafting, sewing, managing subcontractors, landscaping, construction, client projects, and more.All your plans and dreams for your home or next project, in one organized place.

Best yet, you can get this snazzy, organization-friendly planner for just a small investment of $12 on Amazon, and you could have it as soon as today or tomorrow (depending on your living location).

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