About Us – Joe and Kerrie Legend

Hi there!

Mancave Mayhem is run by Joe and Kerrie Legend, originally from Idaho, but recently moved to Vail, Colorado. They love Colorado and Arizona life and recently built their house.

Joe is extremely talented in construction, welding, and working with specialty materials like paints, resins, epoxy, concrete and bituminous materials. He’s an incredible sculptor. But lately his focus has been on drone photography and videography. Together they tour parts of the nation that have yet to be discovered by a drone pilot (we hope and think) and record incredible videos together.

Kerrie is a graphic designer and published author of several books. She homeschools the kids while working from home as a template designer and professional blogger. When she’s not designing, she’s working with India inks and bullet journaling.

Together as a family, Joe and Kerrie Legend travel the nation with their 6 boys and beloved dogs, Ruby and Artemis. Our goal as parents is to raise decent, compassionate, and intelligent human beings who are confident, brave, and bold. As a family we venture to learn about history, geology, art, design, and apply the kids’ educations to the real world so that when they’re ready, they’ll shine and continue to learn valuable lessons while accepting failures as they come, and celebrating triumphs as they’re earned.

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