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Homemade BBQ Sauce of Legends

Homemade BBQ Sauce of Legend's
Yield: 1 Mason jar

Homemade BBQ Sauce of Legend's

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes


  • 2 Cups Packed Brown Sugar
  • 1 Cup Ketchup
  • 1/3 Cup Zesty Pickle Juice (Brine)
  • 2 TBSP Olive Oil
  • 2 TBSP Onion Powder
  • 2 TBSP Tumeric
  • 2 TBSP Black Pepper
  • 2 TBSP Celery Salt
  • 2 TBSP Garlic Powder
  • 2 TBSP Mustard Seed
  • 2 TBSP French's Mustard


Now you have something cool to make with leftover pickle juice!

The secret trick to this amazing BBQ sauce is in the recycled pickle juice brine that you can use from an empty jar of pickles. We've found the best kind to be the Vlassic Zesty, for that special kind of kick. You can also add some heat with the red pepper flakes, but that is completely optional.

This BBQ sauce is not heavy. This is a light one that is almost like a syrup. It's our absolute favorite and Kerrie created this in the kitchen from scratch when so many of the other BBQ sauces we tried from the store had so much of a hickory tannin taste to them, were too heavy or thick.

Just mix all the ingredients together, and put it in a recycled pickle jar for safekeeping. Our family, the Legends, love it, and we hope you will, too.