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How My Wife Kicks Ass on Pinterest

In December 2018, my wife set out to achieve a pretty huge goal – surpass 10 million monthly viewers and bring a ton of traffic to her blog over at

My wife kicked ass.

Within 3 months, she was at 14 million monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Honestly, I was stunned. Kind of disbelief. She did it. And in the process, she brought prosperity to not just to her blog, but our family.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to the daily updates that typically happened between 2-4 p.m. our time every day, when the new stats got published on Pinterest analytics. We were always wondering what the new number for the day was. There were “meh” days with increases, and then there were “holy crap – that high?!” kind of days. There were many days of wine-infused celebrations. And when she hit 10 million in January, and saw her blog numbers, I knew she had cracked Pinterest and kicked ass at it.

Now, my wife, if you aren’t familiar with her blogging work, is a numbers kind of gal. She focuses on numbers and watches and responds to what they’re telling her. They help her dictate her next move. So she’s always telling me the stats for the day and what they mean, what we need to do, etc.

You’re probably wondering, how does she kick ass on Pinterest? Dude, she SELLS. She brings in traffic with her blog headlines, produces quality, informative articles, shares stories with her people, and gives a LOT of her best work away for FREE.

But I see the numbers and sales totals for the day. And let’s just say no one could pay me enough to come back to work (I quit my job and retired in 2018 to spend more time with our kids and my crazy amazing sexy wife – have I mentioned she’s a wonderful cook as well?). The income we’re making from our blogs and her design work are more than enough for our family of eight, and we’ve been able to do some amazing things because of her focused efforts.

Travel for one. Saving money, too. And these are two things very important to our family, because of the healthy benefits that travel brings to our lives and being able to handle the unexpected expenses that life sometimes throws our way.

The wonderful thing is, she’s willing to teach you how to market your business or any craft you’ve made on Pinterest, if you’re willing to put in the effort and take her course. You can check it out here:

Because of what she knows, I’ve grown the Mancave Mayhem account to over 230k monthly viewers in just a few months. I’m looking forward to working harder at it and sharing some of our best recipes and DIY projects here soon. But until then, I’ll keep blogging and sharing other bloggers’ great work, as well.

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