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How to Put Old, Rusted Out Tools to a Fantastic-Looking Repurposed Decoration

Hey! Joe and Kerrie here with another idea for rusted, old tools that are not suitable for workshop use anymore.

Over time, sometimes tools rust out. They get exposed to water, rust forms, sometimes they oxidize, you name it. Some tools simply wear out, and that sucks.

But that doesn’t mean that they have to be disposed – rather, they can be repurposed into new decorations for your barn, mudroom, toolship, or be given as rustic-inspired gifts!

Old wrenches with worn out spindles can be repurposed as key holders, for example.

I especially love this wrench idea from Amazon.

Old license plates can be turned into table tops with a resin glaze, or even wall art. Worn out sandpaper reels can be repurposed for textures in media art. Old hammers? Turn them into beer bottle openers.

Below we have some Pinterest inspiration ideas for garage stuff and ideas for repurposing old tools! Enjoy!