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Men, Pinterest is for You, Too

So, my wife, Kerrie, is a Pinterest expert who teaches a Pinterest course to bloggers who want to make blogging a full-time job. She completely changed my opinion on Pinterest being a chick thing with crafts, DIY and recipes, and in the process, taught me everything I now know about the app.

And it changed my life. I was able to quit my job and work for our family at home full-time instead. But that’s a whole other post.

Today I want to talk about dudes on Pinterest. And how Pinterest is for men, too.

Here’s a ton of dude-related stuff on Pinterest you may not have known about. (And ladies, before you get mad, know that I know these things and topics are for women, as well – just trying to spark the interest of the male population here, ok? My wife wouldn’t let me publish this post without mentioning that “man” things are also “woman” things, too.)

  • Cocktails and liquor
  • Appetizers (yeah, I like food, okay?)
  • Resin art – I’ve been working with resin and epoxy-oriented materials for over 20 years
  • Garage – repairs, setup, organization, tools, and classic cars everywhere
  • Home improvement – including a place to market our home improvement project planner book (available on Amazon)
  • Pallet projects – because repurposing is super cool
  • Food for men like me – you know – the really good, greasy, cheesy meaty stuff that we love
  • Trucker stuff – just because I’m not commercially driving anymore doesn’t mean we don’t still have our Kenworth tractor trailer to keep up with and maintain
  • Bar ideas – our new house is going to have a custom bar built in but I still love looking at pictures and design ideas for the outside area
  • Bathroom – I’m lucky in that my wife doesn’t make the bathrooms girlie. We’ve found Jack Daniels soap dispensers, guy crap for the bathroom and bath products that help my boys smell like young gentlemen instead of dumpster fires
  • Tool chests – in my opinion, guys are always acquiring tools for fix stuff, and having them stored away neatly in drawers (I went to technical school for mechanics) is much neater than having them hung on a wall. Less clutter that way. And looking at tool chests and sometimes drooling over them is fun sometimes.
  • Pets – We love our Ruby girl, and I’m always looking for ways to treat her to new creature comforts. But there’s some cool stuff in there for cats and other animals, too.
  • Landscaping – I’ve done my fair share of rock work and landscaping jobs in my life, and this is a good place to find inspiration to create something new and interesting.
  • Home theater – want your own room to hide out in and watch movies? Tons of ideas for home theaters there.
  • Beer. I needn’t say anything more. But I will. We’ve discover the art of beer flights, trying new crafters, having beer shipped to us, discovering new breweries on our travels, and beer gear. We’ve had super fun.
  • Kitchen – this is my wife’s domain and I dare not interfere. But occasionally do find some things I know would make her life easier, being a full-time cook on demand for our family of eight.
  • Lighting and lamps – this is like, art.
  • She Sheds – This is like the new equivalent of the mancave, only for women, who happen to be bloggers, artists and writers. I’m building one for my wife so she can go out and write and escape the smell of the boys’ farts. She’ll be so grateful, I might get laid for building one. I hope.
  • Fitness ideas – I’m way over 40 now, much older than my wife, at least, and staying in shape while keeping things interesting in working out requires some ideas. Pinterest will help.
  • Hidden rooms – man, I want to install one in our new house so bad. There are so many good ideas there.
  • Home office – one day, this will be a project of mine in 2020. I’d love to have a home office we can both share.
  • Fire pits – we love roasting marshmallows and staring into the abyss of fire. Tons of fire pit ideas on Pinterest.
  • RVing – as travel nomads for about a year, we really became pros in 2018-2019 on the RVing life. If you’re into traveling and are an RV / 5th wheel owner, this board is for you.
  • Charcuterie boards – this is the favored meal choice in our house because it requires just slicing and laying out food. Pretty much zero cooking, which my wife appreciates on her busy designing days.
  • Glowforge projects – we recently got one for my shop, and I’m gathering ideas to create and expand our shop online.
  • Copycat recipes – Sauces to buy and take home at restaurant places are spendy – like $7-12 a jar, so if my wife can find a copycat recipe she’s all over it. Here’s a board with all sorts of copycat recipes you can find from your fav restaurants.
  • Living room ideas – when it comes to buying furniture, we go so many times and never actually buy anything just due to design indecision and having too many options / prices. We’ve been using Pinterest to help us nail down a specific look, and then can “shop the look”. We love that. And the less time I have to spend on Saturdays endlessly and aimlessly shopping for furniture with bored children in tow, the better.
  • Things to build for her – I made this board on Pinterest because I really do love my wife and enjoy seeing the look on her face when I make something for her.
  • Recliners – a man’s chair is his throne.
  • Concrete art – I’m a bit of a concrete nut given my experience in working with the material for so many years. Here’s a board with easy and cool projects
  • Alcohol ink – I’m intrigued by this “newer” form of art, and my wife is really into it, and it’s pretty popular, so we started a board to get some ideas to try for our home interiors

So guys (and gals), as you can see, there are plenty of guy-oriented things to keep you inspired and busy if you’re looking for projects or inspiration. Pinterest has become one of my favorite apps – better than Facebook, in my opinion. Our family loves it, and I think you will, too.

If you’re looking to potentially get away from working for a company and want to start a side hustle, Pinterest is the place to get started, and my wife can teach you how she’s transformed our lives by using Pinterest for our blogs.

You can find her course here: