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My Wife Taught Me Everything About Pinterest – Here’s How it Changed My Career Choice

My wife, Kerrie Legend, has been blogging and working with her Pinterest account for just over 2 years now, and once she started teaching me all about it as an app, she had me hooked… so much that it completely transformed my life. No joke.

Before you laugh it off, hear me out here.

I was able to quit my job because of her training me. I had an in-house tutor, explaining things about blogging, how it works, how it directly ties to Pinterest, and I just started my first blog (this one) and my Pinterest account this year.

She got my complete attention when she achieved a major goal: 10+ million monthly viewers in February 2019. And Kerrie has remained at that high, insane level of traffic ever since. God knows I’m so proud of her.

Here are three things that she changed my mind about Pinterest, being a dude looking at this app filled with recipes and crafts that were not really “my thing”.

1. Pinterest is for men, too. I have found a lot of things I’ve added to my bucket list and project list that I want to try and do as a result. I feel much more inspired before. It’s now my go-to app for ideas and how-tos. So dudes, if you’re thinking that you have to keep grinding a 40-80 hour week working for some other guy or company that doesn’t appreciate or pay you well for your talents, know that with a little side hustle you can turn your talents into a self-generated career. It’s better on this side, believe me.

2. I’ve enjoyed cutting the bullshit out of how I spend my time. I loathe Facebook, much like my wife does. We don’t have time to spend on it with raising our boys and getting caught up in drama posts. Kerrie considers it fake conversation with people we most likely will never meet or interact with in real life. Pinterest is different and healthier for our family because it’s drama-free, lacks the negativity that other apps have, and keeps us focused on our life goals. It has been a life changer for our family, from what to cook and try next to finding destinations to travel to, to selling our books, planners, templates, and everything beautiful my wife creates in Photoshop and InDesign. Her sales (and mine) have transformed since we focused a fair amount of attention to marketing our materials on Pinterest.

3. I was able to quit my job working for companies that really don’t give a crap about my family, and took me AWAY from my family despite making empty promises to keep me near town. I got sick of travel, really, and working endless hours. I didn’t know that just by using Pinterest I could be making money for ourselves – just as much as I was making before I quit my job and started our website for Mancave Mayhem. Let’s put it this way – the traffic we get for our ad accounts for Google Adsense replaces my paycheck. And I’m able to spend my days with my kids, playing football, nerf guns in the sprinklers, and teaching them martial arts and self-defense.

So I’m no longer doing heavy haul transport for construction companies and now work from home. Was it scary to do that? Yes. But when Kerrie showed me the income that we were building was just as much as my paycheck to replace my job’s income, it became a no-brainer for us.

Was I skeptical at first whether this was just a one-time shoot or a long-term thing? You bet. But that was when I didn’t have a solid understanding of Pinterest really works. I’m glad I have an expert in the house because man, I’ve had a lot of questions on how to be efficient at pinning and knowing what is ideal to pin. My wife also spent time showing me how analytics work so I know what I should focus my attention on rather than just pinning randomly.

So here’s where I’m going to shamelessly plug my wife’s course, because everything she’s taught me about Pinterest to get to over 200k in just a few months with over 1000 followers is in her amazing course.

Take it the course. It’s life-changing from a side hustle-turned-career perspective. I’ve watched her apply the same advice to multiple accounts we have on there – building traffic from 0 to 450k unique user sessions within months. With email lists growing consistently. I’m so proud of her.

But I also know you can do this, too. You just need the right instruction.