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The Planner We Needed Didn’t Exist… Until We Worked Together!

I talk about my wife a lot on this blog, I know, but it’s mostly because I love her to the moon and back and know she’s extraordinarily talented. Kerrie’s one of those people that can see the forest through the trees. Who can take a concept and bring it to life. A real designer, writer, and thinker, she is.

So it’s nice having an author like her in the house who has been through the publishing gamut multiple times. She has a process down.

And when we were making plans for the house, her talents came in real handy. We were trying to keep track of everything that needed to be constructed and built for it, we were in search of a planner that would record everything we needed, because obviously multiple projects require some sort of organization.

We couldn’t find a planner that existed that met our needs. I looked to some of my old contracting and landscaping notebook sets, but they were more for commercial billing and quote development. Not so much a residential house for DIYers like ourselves.

We needed a place for quotes for plumbers and other contractors that we’d need to pull licenses and permits, a place to document measurements, draw things out, and frankly, I was tired of our old scratch paper method and trying to keep everything straight. And I’m not a person that’s good with loose paper. (Neither is Kerrie – she’s the WORST with loose paper – don’t tell her I said that.)

So I went to Kerrie and was like… do you think you could throw something together that has my list of planner requirements and format it in a way that would make sense for us to get these projects estimated, planned, drawn out, and organized? I gave her my list. Within a few hours she had our base template for our planner pages figured out, mapped out to perfection. All the fields I could possibly need and nothing I wouldn’t use.

The end result? We made a planner! A co-authoring joint venture of husband and wife efforts to create something we desperately needed to plan out our projects. Kerrie and I are lucky in our marriage that we’re actually able to work and get along with each other even if we have differences of opinions. What we put together, was, in my opinion, the perfect planner workbook that every household truly needs.

This workbook planner has really helped us get organized, plan and estimate the costs of our projects, and helps us gain focus on what should be priorities. I’m over the moon that we were able to work together on this book and that many people have purchased it from Amazon. We’re excited about its success, no matter how small or big. We’re happier that we have something on our desk that actually works for us and has saved us so much time and effort.

We’re planning, dreaming, creating… together.

Is this where I say “happy wife, happy life”? LOL

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